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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology Lab Facility @ IGIPESS

Exercise Physiology Lab - Facility

Exercise Physiology Lab Facility @ IGIPESS

Exercise Physiology is the study of biological and biochemical processes associated with exercise and overload that affects the underlying function of cells and organ system in the human body. Exercise physiology is a rapidly evolving field that is becoming increasingly important in the delivery of health care/wellness and care of sports persons. Exercise physiologists work to prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease in healthy participants or to provide therapeutic or functional benefits to patients with known disease.

Research by scientists trained in Exercise physiology will greatly expand the understanding of the ways in which exercise affects cell function. Advances in research in Exercise Physiology will provide a foundation for many types of exercises related treatment, rehabilitation and bring improvement in the training of sport persons. The area includes cardiovascular , diabetes , aging , sports and female participation obesity, physiological aspects of extreme sports, disuse atrophy and other ailments too.

The department of exercise physiology has been proposed to cater the specialized need of sports person and general population looking for fitness, wellness and highest level of sports performance from the Physiology and Physiology of Exercise perspective.