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Prof. Sandeep Tiwari
Prof. Sandeep Tiwari
Principal (Officiating) , IGIPESS

Principal's Message

"It is our endeavor to give you something extraordinary, factual, evidence based and important."

Prof. Sandeep Tiwari

Dear Visitors,

Effective education is possible only through the learning of essential knowledge, skills and positive attitude to physical activities. Unfortunately, many educational institutions are yet ignorant about Physical Education and importance for wholesome personality development. As per UNESCO's Delors Commission recommendations, balanced education is constituted by four pillars of 'To Do' (Physical), 'To Know' (Cognitive), 'To Be' (Spiritual & Affective) and 'To live Together' (Social). It is physical activity (PA) education which enables one 'to know', 'to be' and 'to live together' as a team to achieve one's goal of living longer, happier and healthy fuller life.

The quantity and quality of physical activity give fullness to our healthy, happy long life and teach us to remain conscious of living in the present movement. Only that team wins whose players are skillful and are fully performing best by living conscious of each passing movement of a match. Remember, it is our present movement that resulted from the past and moves us to the future. Nature has given us 365 days for each year, 7 days per week, 24 hours of a day to be planned as 60 minutes per hour and to move us through 60 seconds per minute. If, we remain conscious of our time in minutes and our daily physical activity pattern, our present, past

I am glad to inform you that recently American College of Sports Medicine has proclaimed that 'Exercise is Medicine. Exercise is nothing but regular planned physical activity.

Wishing you to remain motivated to learn the personalized physical activity requirements needed to serve personal and social development and thereby the development of the state and the Nation with the help of Physical, Cognitive, Genetic, Affective (Emotional), Environmental and Spiritual Domains of physical activity education

GOOD LUCK (For getting Balanced Education)
Thanking You,
Prof. Sandeep Tiwari,  Principal (Officiating)