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Proposed Academic Programs

Certification Courses (Proposed)

Diploma Courses (Proposed)

Certificate Course in Adventure Sports Certificate Course in Aerobics
Diploma in Aerobics Diploma in Athletics
Diploma in Fitness & Exercise Sociology Diploma in Fitness & Wellness Management
Diploma in Fitness Management Diploma in Fitness Trainer
Diploma in Ground/Court Marking Diploma in Gym Management
Diploma in Health Club Management Diploma in Health Education
Diploma in Kinesiology Diploma in Officiating & Coaching in Specific Game / Sports
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Bio-Mechanics Diploma in Sports & Exercise Pedagogy
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Psychology Diploma in Sports & Exercise Training
Diploma in Sports Commentary Diploma in Sports Journalism
Diploma in Sports Management Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Diploma in Sports Photography & Documentary Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy
Diploma in Sports Technology Diploma in Yoga
Diploma in Yogic Sciences and Diploma in Aquatics (Swimming, Diving & Water-polo)
Diploma in Yoga Diploma in Exercise Physiology
Diploma in Sport Biomechanics Diploma in Exercise & Sport Psychology
Diploma in Professional Preparation & Curriculum Design Diploma in Sport Sociology
Diploma in Sport Management Diploma in Adapted Physical Education
Diploma in Fitness and Wellness Diploma in Sport Therapy
Diploma in Sport Journalism Diploma in Sport Industry & Marketing
Diploma in Sport, Physical Activity & Nutrition Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Prescription/ Advance Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
Diploma in Sports Field Technology Diploma in Gymnasium Operations
Diploma in Computer Applications in Physical Education & Sports Diploma in Life Saving Skills & Disaster Management
Diploma in Adventure Sports & Leadership Training Diploma in Sports and Community Volunteer Leadership
Diploma in Sports for All Diploma in Physical Education for All
Diploma in Study of Olympics

Prof. Sandeep Tiwari
Principal (Officiating)